Smack Acne In The Face.

SMACNE is a revolutionary acne treatment that was developed over a period of 10 years. It uses the exact opposite approach from normal products to get rid of acne. The key difference is that it is an oil-based cream rather than water-based.

Applying an oil-based cream on acne prone skin might seem counterproductive at first, but its actually scientific and common sense.

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SMACNE Challenge

We love hearing success stories. Make sure to take a before/after picture and we will give you 50% off your next kit or send us a before/after video and send it to us for a $50 SMACNE gift card! 

Why oil-based?

Your body naturally produces oil called sebum because it needs it to keep the skin healthy, moisturized and protected. If you strip that sebum (oil) barrier off everyday using harsh water-based products and purposely try to dry out your skin, your body fights back by producing more oil so that the skin stays protected. The more often you wash the oil off, the more oil your body will produce. That’s why if you try to strip all the oil off your face in the morning, you can end up being just as oily or even oilier later in the day.

Not all oils cause acne. Most oils can cause acne but there are some that don’t cause acne at all or even help prevent acne. Also, oil alone doesn’t cause acne. Both oil and bacteria are needed to cause acne, as seen on the picture to the right.

Oil and water don't mix, but oils mix with oils. You can try it out for yourself with any cooking oil and a glass of water. Since your skin will always produce oil and needs it, an oil-based solution made from acne friendly oils and laced with acne fighting ingredients is better since the oils mix with the oil on your skin and is more compatible.

Skin in balance:

SMACNE is infused with natural acne fighting botanics, and premium holy grail hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid in order to keep the skin in balance and prevent dryness and irritation, no more flaking or dry skin.

How To Return (Takes only 1 Minute)

Step 2

Simply stick the return label on the box it came in with whatever is left of the kit and return to get your money back.


SMACNE Severe Kit

– For people with stubborn acne and that have tried acne products in the past and have had little problems with irritation or dryness.


– For both normal skin and sensitive skin.

Can't decide between the two?

Just pick whichever you think is best for now. Once you get your kit, try it and if you think you want to switch, we will exchange it for free. Just follow the return procedure and request for an exchange instead. Limit 1 exchange per household.

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